Aqua Feed Supplement-CIFAQUA

Herbal Aqua Feed supplements:

In today’s aquaculture scenario, feed alone will not suffice quality and increased yield. There are number of factors which result in lower yields like high density, quality of water , quality of feed itself and other environmental factors like temperature. Salinity, dissolved oxygen content of the water. The water source itself could be a problem.

Apart from the above, outbreak of disease, environmental conditions like rain, excessive heat, floods, entry of predatory fish , unwanted algal bloom etc. also account for loss of production . These factors cause several problems like stress in animals, under feeding ( even through the feed is given regularly ) leading to low FCR. Use of antibiotics and chemicals though help alleviate problem, could cause hepato toxicity to the farm animals leading to production loss.

To counter these problems and get and economically viable production, one need to give a proper feed supplement, which can take care of over all health of aquatic animals and give them strength to withstand and cope with the environmental changes, without affecting the growth and minimizing the wastage of feed.

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Salient features

How CIFAQUA is different :

Usage / Dosage :

This fine powder has to be given twice a day ( morning and evening ) along with the feed from day 1 of the culture.

This can be blended to feed-either by using fish oil or binder ( which is supplied along with the pack ) it has to be ensured that all powder sticks to the feed and shade dry for 30 min before broadcasting.


Shrimp : Less than 30 days : 1 gms / kg feed ( 1 Kg/ MT feed )

After 30 days till harvest : 2 gms / kg feed ( 3 Kg/ MT feed )

Fish: 2 Kg / MT feed ( 1000 Kgs ).