Trade Name :Ashoka Bark/Saraca Indica
Botanical Name : Saraca Asoca
Active Principle : Tannins 2.5% - 4%
Description : Brown colored dry powder, slightly bitter in taste.

Properties /Uses : Saraca Asoka/Ashoka/Sita Ashok is a tree native to India considered a sacred Tree. It is said to be a wonderful herb that claims to cure Several Diseases. Ayurvedic texts describe more than 50 preparations of Ashoka for the treatment of a variety of ailments in which the extract from the bark is used as one of the main ingredients. It is the one herb that stands out as especially useful for treating excessive Uterine Bleeding and Gynecological Problems. The aqueous extract from the bark of Ashoka tree is useful in stimulating the Uterus, the Endometrium and the Ovarian Tissues, uterine bleeding associated with Fibroids, Menstrual Disturbances without producing any side-effects. Apart from this it is also useful for other ailments such as Internal Piles, Diabetes, Burning Sensation, Blood Disorders, Ulcerations, and Skin Discoloration.