Beharda / TerminaliaBalerica

Trade Name : Beharda / TerminaliaBalerica
Botanical/Scientific Name : TerminaliaBalerica
Active Principle/Marker : Tannins 25%
Description : Brown Coloured powder with

Properties /Uses : Terminaliabellerica is a large tree, upto 40 m high found in deciduous forests throughout the greater part of India. This tree, called Vibhitaki in Sanskrit, meaning fearless, was avoided by the Hindus of Northern India, who would not sit in its shade as it is supposed to be inhabited by demons. As long as the influence of Arabian medicine prevailed, it was used medicinally in Europe, having been introduced by the Arabs from India.

The extract from the fruit of Terminaliabelerica traditionally called as bibitaki , well reputed as rasayana in Ayurveda, is the best single herb for controlling Kapha. It is a powerful rejuvenative herb that nourishes the lungs, throat, voice, eyes and hair. It expels stones or other kapha-type accumulations in the digestive, urinary, and respiratory tracts. It is unique in being both laxative and astringent, so it purges the bowels, while simultaneously toning the tissues of the digestive tract.

It provides strength to the tissues of the sense organs. It is one of the constituents of famous preparation "Triphala" which finds use in wide array of areas ranging form hair care, as laxative, in headache, leucorrhoea, liver diseases to gastro-intestinal complaints. The overall tonic effect of this fruit has been known for thousands of years in India and other Asian countries.