Poultry Feed Supplement- CIFALIV

Poultry farming is a commercial activity where the objective is to achieve maximum weight gain by a broiler bird in the span of 42 days, similarly for layer bird production of 300 plus eggs in a year.

Therefore, feeding the birds with the best quality feed is not free from microbial contamination such as Mycotoxina. Therefore, a bird has to deal with the same beside the regular production activity and moreover the feed given to the birds is not used completely in the normal course until some chosen ingredients are incorporated in the feed to ensure that the birds are able to retain the maximum nutrients out of the given feed.

Keeping the above requirement in mind the need for feed supplements was identified and hence they came into commercial market. There are two groups of feed supplements which are in use, that work through the improved efficiency of gut and another through the improved liver efficiency.

hen poultry-feed chicks

Salient features

How CIFALIV is different?

CIFALIV is a dual action feed supplement. Some of the ingredients of CIFALIV improve the gut function and some are proven liver stimulants. The dual action of CIFALIV ensures better assimilation of feed nutrients which result in higher retention of these important nutrients in the body, which is responsible for maximum performance. However, it is very important that whatever is the claim of a feed supplement finally it must be tested and confirms whether they are able to deliver against the claims made. To get clarity about this the best and perhaps the only way is the actual field trials. The field’s trails of CIFALIV have shown excellent result in terms of higher weight gain, better FCR and better livability. As investment on CIFALIV provides very lucrative ROl, i.e. 1:25 CIFALIV is developed with the scientifically selected, proven PHYTO-ACTIVES, micro ingredients which work synergistically.



CIFALIV helps broiler birds to attain better —


CIFALIV helps laying birds to attain —

CIFALIV is to be used @ 250g per ton of feed

Broiler Birds:
Form day 1 till disposal

Layer Birds:
First 20 weeks continuously to attain uniform Sexual maturity and thereafter as per need in different stages of Laying to enhance the Layers Performance.